What is Chiropractic?

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Promote health by maintaining the proper functioning of the nervous system.

Why is this so important for the body? How it can affect your health? These very common questions once answered, help clarify why chiropractic is so important in maintaining health.


It´s common knowledge that the body has its own intelligence that is always seeking balance.


Our vertebrae, being mobile, have the potential of interfering with nerve impulses, if for some reason, moving even a millimeter from its normal position. This issue is called vertebral subluxation complex (ICD M99.1). Subluxations can occur in people of any age, and only in the later stages, begin to cause pain.


Chiropractic is the fastest growing worldwide profession in healthcare. In the United States is already the second most used by the population, behind medicine.

How is the Evaluation?

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At this stage, tests are conduct to evaluate the neurological ability of the patient.

Avaliação QuiropraxiaThese tests are specifics of chiropractic and help us understand the context of each patient. We also make orthopedic tests relative to the patient’s condition; a postural assessment; and if necessary image tests.


If the condition is not the scope of chiropractic care, the patient may be referred to the appropriate professional.


After the evaluation the treatment begins.

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The chiropractic is indicated for the treatment of various disorders and injuries, for all ages.

Health Maintenance

Organic Changes

Menstrual Cramps

Spine Pains


TMJ Disorders

Herniated Disk





Pregnant Women



Sleep Quality

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Chiropractic in Pregnancy

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Take care of you and your baby!

Quiropraxia na Gestação

With pregnancy, hormonal changes, ligament laxity and body weight change may cause various discomforts such as back pain. Pregnant women report that these discomforts reduces with chiropractic care. Beyond the discomfort, chiropractic treatment normalizes the nervous system, facilitating the delivery and postpartum process.


At the Instituto Viva Quiropraxia, we specialize in finding and removing all interference in the nervous system generated by the pregnancy, which may be related to uncomfortable symptoms.


Take care of yourself and your baby visiting a Chiropractor from Instituto Viva Quiropraxia during your prenatal.

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Searching Quality of Life?

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In the chiropractic paradigm, pain and symptoms are normal healthy effects of a problem.

QuiropraxiaChiropractic focuses on the main cause of the problem.


Consequently, when the chiropractor removes blockages (subluxation) of the spine, the body begins to reduce symptoms, because without the cause, the body no longer needs to cause pain.


Now maybe you’re understanding why the use of a certain drug for prolonged times do not provide you a permanent relief. Is it a miracle? Of course not! But it works and take it away the suffering of thousands of people, because they finally delivered to a tool that makes the spine respond well. When a chiropractic adjustment is made, the normal joint function is returned, the cause of the problem was found. And now the patient is aware of their problem and how to solve it.

Principles of Chiropractic

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The chiropractic is an applied science to the clinic.

    • Chiropractic is based on the law of biology, called the law of homeostasis, which says that the body has an ability to stay healthy and in balance;


    • Takes from physiology theory the fact that the nervous system consists of brain, spinal cord, peripheral nervous system and sense organs such as the eye and ear, controls all other organs and structures;


    • It hypothesized a relationship between the integrity or health of the nervous system, and the integrity and health of the individual;


    • D. D. Palmer, founder of chiropractic, assumed that a loss of integrity of the body’s bone structure may be related to a loss of integrity of the nervous system. These associations between dysfunction of the bone structure and dysfunction of the nervous system, he called subluxations, an expression still used by chiropractors and some other health professionals.

“The chiropractor understands that the human body is more than a mechanical assembly parts.”

by Virgil Strang

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Chiropractic in the Media

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Some common questions asked about chiropractic.

What is Chiropractic?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Chiropractic is a health profession concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of the neuromusculoskeletal system and the effects of these disorders on general health.


There is an emphasis on correction techniques, the joint adjustment, with a particular focus on vertebral subluxations.


What is Vertebral Subluxation?

It’s a minimum misalignment of spinal joints that causes a number of changes. The main one is the interference in the transmission of nerve impulses.


What are the main signs of Vertebral Subluxation?

Postural changes, malfunctions in joint movement, compression and irritation of the nerves, joint wear and degeneration, pain, inflammation and muscle disorders like spasms, tension, nodules or shortening.


Who should see a Chiropractor?

All persons of all ages. The chiropractor performs an examination to detect vertebral subluxations, which often have no symptoms. Its correction is done safely, whether the patient is a newborn or an elderly, through specific adjustment.


When someone has back pain should consult besides the doctor also the chiropractor.


Is the adjustment painful?

No. The adjustment itself does not cause pain, but the chiropractor should be alert to any inflammation or other painful process and use the technique that is most appropriate, avoiding pain during the procedure.


Why the children need to be adjusted?

Because children also has vertebral subluxation. A study in Germany (Gutmann 1987) identified the presence of subluxation (misalignment) of the first vertebra of the neck in 80% of newborn infants.


This same study found that these children has 20% more respiratory diseases until subluxation been corrected, compared to other children without subluxation.


Another study done with 400 children, 200 with chiropractic and 200 without the same monitoring showed that in the unaccompanied group 71% of the children had ear infections; while in the group with chiropractic monitoring only 29% was affected.


How is the treatment?

After the chiropractor examine the patient and confirm that the treatment can be performed safely, it performs specific adjustments to put misaligned vertebrae in its place of origin.


With that, the joint moves better, the muscles relax and the neuro-muscle-skeletal structure stabilizes.


This adjustment, in most cases, is painless.

Chiropractic only solves back problems?

No. The nerves are responsible for control of the entire human body. Chiropractic allows nerves to be free of interference.


The consequence of this can be quite diverse, helping the body in conditions like asthma, muscular dystonia, intestinal problems, and even infectious diseases.


The nervous system without interference has better control over all other systems of the body, which in turn will better perform their duties.


What is the qualification of the Chiropractor?

The chiropractor has college education from five to seven years.


The curriculum includes subjects such as anatomy, physiology, pathology, diagnosis, physical examination, public health, pediatrics, first aid, radiology, neurology, the study of spinal adjustment techniques and philosophy of chiropractic.


You must consult a doctor before going to the Chiropractor?

The chiropractor, by degree, is a primary care professional, which means that he is able to examine the patient and detect his/her health problems, but he has a responsibility to refer the patient to a health care provider if the patient has problems outside of their professional scope.


Why sometimes the adjustment causes snaps?

Snapping or cavitation is a normal joint reaction.


There is a liquid within most joints of the body. This liquid, being processed, forms small bubbles of gas. The adjustment increase the internal pressure of the joint capsule. This makes the bubbles burst emitting a sound like a snap.


The snap is not a criterion for determining whether the adjustment was made or not.


Chiropractic corrects spinal joints only?

No. Chiropractors are trained to adjust almost all joints in the body.


The misalignment of the body bones affects the normal movement of the joints, which can cause pain and tear (arthrosis), and reduce locomotor performance.


Who can exercise the profession?

The World Health Organization recognizes only professionals with more than 4000 hours College degree in Chiropratic course as Chiropractors.


It doesn’t exist in any other country law recognizing chiropractic as a specialty of any other health profession.


Always look for professionals associated with the ABQ, Brazilian Chiropractic Association.