Viva Quiropraxia on Youtube

This is Chiropractic

Video produced by the Viva Chiropractic Institute’s advertising team to publicize and explain a little more of the chiropractic profession.

Chiropractic in the life of Tony Schumacher

After a serious accident, rider Tony Schumacher was able to get back on track after chiropractic treatment.

Miracle in Chiropractic

Part 1 – The touching story of Baleigh, a girl who without Chiropractic would be condemned to live with a congenital torticollis and undergo surgeries to cut her cervical muscles.

Miracle in Chiropractic

Part 2 – See how Baleigh is today, at the age of five. She continues to go to chiropractic even without symptoms, just as prevention. It is chiropractic generating quality of life.

Chiropractic and Physical Therapy

Two professions that in Viva Chiropractic work together to offer the patient the maximum in quality for his recovery. In this video we congratulate the physiotherapists on October 13th for their day.


Runners have grown dramatically. These new ‘athletes’ are surprised by pain due to poor physical fitness. Schedule your consultation with us and receive orientated guidelines for your activity.

Chiropractic in Geriatrics

Video that shows how chiropractic can help seniors improve their quality of life.

Headache and Migraines

Video that explains how chiropractic can help in the treatment of headache and migraine.

Sports Chiropractic

Video explains how chiropractic helps the treatment of amateur and professional athletes.

Tendinitis, Bursitis and Shoulder Pain

On this video you can watch how chiropractic aids in shoulder disease treatments.